(ed. by Costas Tsougras, Danae Stefanou and Kostas Chardas)

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Individual papers, where submitted by the authors, appear in alphabetical order (by first author's last name).
A = abstract ; F = full text ; + = additional material (audio files, etc.).

Keynote lecture :
Yannis Andreou Papaioannou: The Conference's Commemorated Composer
Demetre Yannou
Art of forgetting - Some mechanisms of resistance to microtonal memory in Russia's 1960s avant-garde A
Lidia Ader
Learning complex piano music : Environmentalist applications A : F
Pavlos Antoniadis
Silence in time continuum as a stochastic process in Iannis Xenakis's instrumental work A : F
Antonios Antonopoulos
Berlin reductionism - An extreme approach to improvisation developed in the Berlin Echtzeitmusik-Scene A : F : +
Marta Blazanovic
Configurin(g) KaiBorg : Interactivity, ideology, and agency in electro-acoustic improvised music A : F
David Borgo and Jeff Kaiser
Advanced popular music: Defining avant-garde A
Dahlia Borsche
Musical postmodernism in contemporary Poland (1989-2009) A
Christopher Cary
Greek musical modernism (1950s-1970s) and the archetypal perception of Hellenic past A
Kostas Chardas
Yorgos Sicilianos and the musical avant garde in Greece A : F
Valia (Stavroula) Christopoulou
Don't deny my name: The resounding of a Black avantgarde in post-war music history A : F : +
A. Scott Currie
Hungarian variations on Improvisations sur Mallarme: Zoltan Jeney's early reception of Pierre Boulez' music A : F
Anna Dalos
Gerard Grisey: Time and process A : F
Nicola Davico
Hitting culture on the head: Movimiento Musica Mas, intermedia performance and resistance in Buenos Aires, 1969-73 A
Andrew Raffo Dewar
The process of becoming: Roger Redgate's Genoi Hoios Essi A : F
Stuart Paul Duncan
The concept of law and the idea of justice as presented in works of the European avant garde music A
Yannis Erifillidis
Nikolai Roslavets, Yuri Kholopov and the (Post-)Soviet conception of a musical avant-garde A
Philip Ewell
Notation, improvisation, writing: The early music of Roger Redgate A : F
Dimitris Exarchos
John Luther Adams - An avant-garde composer in Alaska A : F : +
Sabine Feisst
The 'imaginary sound museum'. The reinterpretation of European tradition in the music of Gerardo Gandini A : F
Pablo Fessel
A belated arrival: Gerald Barry and the creation of an Irish musical avant-garde A
Mark Fitzgerald
'The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel': Music press discourses on post-punk industrial music and the construction of a dystopian urban space A : F
Patrick Glen
(Un)Popular avant gardes: Underground popular music and the avant garde A : F
Stephen Graham
Captain Beefheart and the monstrous rhythms of the modern musical self A
Joao Paulo Guimaraes
The Avant-garde and the End of Music: A Hegelian Perspective on the Aesthetics of Twentieth-Century Radical Music A : F
Golan Gur
Aesthetic shifts from the avant-garde towards the 'second modernity': The swaddling of a new compositional thinking A : F
Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis
Music perception of avant garde: Musical structure and time A : F
Justyna Humiecka-Jakubowska
Musical form after the avant-garde revolution: A new approach to composition teaching A : F
Rafael L. Junchaya
Harmonic and formal coherence in Morton Feldman's late music A : F
Edward Jurkowski
Ancient wisdom in modern music:Yannis A.Papaioannou's 4 Orphic Hymns as challenge of renewal and revision in postwar conception for the sound interpretation of the Greek ancient Orphic sacred hymnology A : F
Konstantinos D. Kakavelakis
The influence of musical avant-garde in the works of Dimitris Dragatakis of the late '50s and the'60s A : F : +
Magdalini Kalopana
J.G. Thirlwell: Educating the ear A : F
Ursula-Helen Kassaveti
Krassimir Kyurkchiiski's choral arrangements: The avantgarde approach to Bulgarian choral Obrabotki A
Kalin Kirilov
Collective improvisation and the controversy of the determined work: An interdisciplinary approach to the correlation of music and architecture A : F
Alexandros Kleidonas
From "jarring" Jarry to "pendent" Penderecki: Opera in a state of shock - A presentation of Krzysztof Penderecki's opera Ubu Rex, after Alfred Jarry's Ubu roi A : F
Georgia Kondyli and Athena Stourna
Constructivism in the works of Iannis Xenakis as a new link between avant-garde art and music A : F
Kinga Krzymowska
Kostas Nikitas: A missing puzzle piece from 20th century Greek music A : F
Athanasia D. Kyriakidou and Anna Papagiannaki
Staging who we are: Reflections on myth, intertextuality and construction of identity in Gabriela Ortiz' electroacoustic opera 'Unicamente la Verdad' A
Cesar Leal
The meta-language in Francis Dhomont's Novars. A
Theodoros Lotis
Poland: Delayed reception of avant-garde A
Bogumila Mika
Indonesian experimentalisms, the question of Western influence, and the cartography of aesthetic authority A : F
Christopher J. Miller
The cybernetic music of Roland Kayn A
Thomas W. Patteson
The second Russian avant-garde: Cultural and religious afterimages A
Anna Pelekanou
Musical avant-garde in Peru since 1950 A : F
Clara Petrozzi
Temporal disruption and formal coherence in John Zorn's Cat O' Nine Tails A
William Price
"Chi ama e ardito" ("He who loves is daring") - Poetics of affect in Salvatore Sciarrino's opera Luci mie traditrici A
Lydia Rilling
New paths in Argentine contemporary music: Aparecida (1986) by Carlos Mastropietro A : F : +
Edgardo J. Rodriguez
Xenakis' 1975 return to Greece: Politics, aesthetics and ideology in the reception of his work A
Katy Romanou
Aspects of neoclassicism within post-war Greek musical avant-garde: The violin concertos by Dimitri Dragatakis (1969), Yannis A. Papaioannou (1971) and Yorgos Sicilianos (1987) A : F
Giorgos Sakallieros
Furniture music for airports: Erik Satie and Brian Eno reflect on the music that best suits everyday life A : F
Lola San Martin Arbide
The Russian avant-garde of 1950s and 1960s: Aesthetics and technical problems A : F
Svetlana Savenko
Musical displacement and musicology's construction of the post-war avant-garde A
Florian Scheding
Avant garde and postmodern elements in Jani Christou's music for ancient dramas and comedy (1963-1969) A : F
Anastasia Siopsi
Musical experimentalism as the avant-garde: a Burgerian approach A : F
Tanja Tiekso
Elements of international avant-gardism, European post-modernism and Greek-Byzantine individuality in "Three Idiomela" and "Five Cavafy Poems" by Arghyris Kounadis A : F
Costas Tsougras
Art music like a new sound sensuousness A : F : +
Elisaveta Valchinova-Chendova
Symmetries in post-war operas based on psychoanalytical texts - Penderecki's Devils of Loudun and Ligeti's Le Grand Macabre A : F
Iossif Valette
Towards the transgression of the Arts: John Cage's influence on performance art after 1945 A
Alexandra Vinzenz
Avant-garde from the south: Nietzschean themes in twentieth-century Greek culture A
Panos Vlagopoulos
The semantics of Michalis Adamis' music and the claim for abstraction A : F
Petros Vouvaris
Fencing music: Did John Oswald's Plunderphonic signal a new paradigm for commercial music in the digital age? A
Mark Walters
A Chinese revolutionary opera in America: Aesthetic and political avant-garde A
Pao-Hsiang Wang
After avant-gardes: thoughts on the nature of improvisation and its place in contemporary music A : F
Jerry Wigens
Sound Object analysis A : F
Mandy-Suzanne Wong
Avant-garde and experimental music through the dissolution of the melodic-rhythmic-harmonic unity of the theme and the liberation of the musical components A : F
George Zervos
The avant-garde context in Laibach works A : F : +
Julijana Zhabeva-Papazova
PANEL DISCUSSION 1 : Transformational spaces and the avant-garde A
Rob Schultz, Lawrence Shuster
Contour vector space A
Rob Schultz
Parsimonious voice-leading spaces for tetrachordal, pentachordal and hexachordal K-net graph configurations A
Lawrence Shuster
PANEL DISCUSSION 2 : Re-contextualising experimental and improvised music: Creating contexts for musical freedom - antinomies and contradictions A
Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, Alexis Porfiriadis and Danae Stefanou
Experimental music in music education: Promises and conflicts A : F
Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos
From work to workshop: Extending the social basis of compositional and performance processes towards collectivity A : F
Alexis Porfiriadis
Unguarded spaces: Collective free improvisation and the locus of innovation A
Danae Stefanou